Shooting for Post

This section covers shooting segments in our studio to be turned into a show in post production.

We typically shoot with up to three cameras, and you still have your choice of basic cameras, on up to the best that money can rent! We are centrally located to nearly every major equipment house in Burbank.

We have an HD Live-Production Switcher, full lighting grid, basic set of lights, full multi-track audio, studio playback, RTS PL, 4-channel IFB/Studio Talkback, audio monitor system, tripods, cables, green room, restroom, plenty of parking, central location, and no noise restrictions!

We love working with live music of all types. We are set up to shoot anything from a simple interview to a full-blown live show with a live audience. Our room can be set up in two ways: Narrow and deep, or wide and shallow, depending on what your project requires. We have plenty of storage for equipment cases and cartage, and we have a reasonable amount of on-site parking with plenty of free street parking. We also have room for a small jib.

We have a control room that is also used for an editing room. We have a small audio control room that houses our consoles and digital multi-tracks for full-tilt live music production. This makes us the perfect place where music comes first, and audio is extremely important. We also have an excellent green-screen capability, as well as NewTek Virtual Sets and all of the flexibility that they provide. We also have Livetext, and TimeWarp.

So if you are looking for a place to shoot a quick interview for your EPK, or a series of live performances to promote your upcoming CD – then you should give us some serious consideration.