Live Video

When you are considering recording or broadcasting your live event, be sure to give this section a thorough review. Witn an endless number of variables, we will simplify the process for you.

With the advent of YouTube, the concept of shooting live video has changed dramatically. While it is true that quality has gone up while price has come down, the fundamentals still apply. You can borrow a camera from your girlfriend, or you can commit to producing somethine of which you can be proud.

Our goal is to create high-quality productions where we don’t need to create excuses. The results are fairly straight-forward. The higher the quality of the camera, the better the images. The more professional the cameramen, the better the results. The better the lighting in the venue, the better the image.

We certainly understand that the entire production is a series of compromises. How many cameras? How many Jibs? How much additional lighting can be added? How much rehearsal is available? Do we have a good host? Were all the graphics prepared and checked in advance? Did we give the director enough control over the live production? Each of these questions relates to the quality of the final product.