Streaming a Live Performance

Broadcasting a live performance on a professional level requires a significant amount of time be put into to pre-production.

It has been our experience that most young ‘producers’ have not come up through the ranks of professional production, and ofter consider placing an image from a security camera online as ‘Broadcasting.’ If this is your idea of a live broadcast, then you can stop reading right here.

Regardless of the talent onstage – if the production crew is not fully versed in all of the elements necessary to produce a top-quality professional broadcast, then you really need to up your standards. While we don’t all want to emulate the complexity of Monday Night Football, we certainly don’t want to bumble along with a complete lack of production finesse.

The equipment available now is quite astounding, and the images and production values that can be created by competent personnel are quite impressive. But if you don’t start on time, and you don’t have a well-paced show, then you are really missing an opportunity. It is not enough to just point a camera at a performer – unless your audience is very unsophisticated and doesn’t expect much.

We’ve all seen professional production, and we use that as our minimal guidelines. You don’t want to learn on the job.