Equipment List

We have a lot of audio and video equipment available to capture and broadcast your project.


  • Behringer X32 mixing console 32 inputs
  • Behringer X32 Core
  • Behringer S16 Preamps 32 inputs
  • 32-channel transformer-isolated mic splitter
  • 16=channel transformer-isolated mic splitters
  • Mics include SM57s, SM58s, Oktava 012s, Oktava 319s, Oktava ML52 ribbons, MXL 990s, AKG 214s, Beta 52, Countryman DI, Passive DIs, and many more.
  • Lexicon and Alesis digital reverbs and various compressors/limiters.
  • Mic stands, mic cables, snakes, audio adapters, etc.
  • Tannoy monitors.


  • BlackMagic ATEM Mini Iso Extreme – 8 input switcher, ISO recording on all inputs, Multi-view monitor output, live streaming.
  • BlackMagic ATEM Mini Pro – 4 input switcher, multi-view monitor output, live streaming.
  • Stream Deck control surface w/macro pack.
  • NewTek TriCaster TCXD300 HD Live-Production switcher. This switcher can handle inputs inluding SDI, Component, Composite. It has multi-monitors, external multi-mode monitor output, and features a full compliment of transitions, video playback, graphics, Virtual Sets, Green-screen, Downstream Keyer, Virtual Inputs, Flash Media Encoder, and much more.
  • NewTek LC11 control surface, Time-Warp slo-mo/instant-replay, LiveText workstation for full graphics control of titles, lower thirds, etc.
  • Bogen Manfrotto tripods (3)
  • Canon G30 cameras (4) w/Varizoom zoom controllers, Panasonic TM900 cameras (2). We typically work with Canon XH-A1, or Sony EX1 and EX3, or equivalent. Cameras vary depending on price, configuration, lenses, etc.


  • RTS PL System with David Clark headsets, beltbacks, biscuits, 4-channel IFB/Studio-talkback, and more.
  • Studio talkback
  • Powered speakers
  • Small PA system


  • Par 64 cans: (25) 500 watts/1000 watts
  • Par 56 cans: (5) 350 watts
  • 4′ long Videssence flourescent soft fill lights (3)
  • 18″ long Videssence flourescent soft fill lights (3)
  • C-stands (3)
  • Small backlights (12)
  • Basic DMX dimmer pack