Streaming Live

If there is one area in which we are uniquely qualified – it is live broadcasting. Just take a moment to look through a few of our projects here:

Working with live musical events is something that we take very seriously, and you will feel very comfortable in our environment. We also enjoy live broadcasts of all types from interview shows, through almost anything that you could imagine.

We have a good-sized green room for your convenience, as well as other small rooms for equipment storage. We have a comfortable control room that can handle a good-sized crowd, and everythinig is laid out in a comfortable and convenient manner.

Since all of the equipment remains on-site, we have the unique ability to build the show components and to rehearse the live show at your convenience. If you want to integrate social media into your event such as Twitter or Facebook, we have more than enough room for your social media director to comfortably set up the equipment in the control room.

The ability to fully rehearse with all of the actual show elements is the best possible scenario to ensure that your event will go as smoothly as possible. If it is a live musical event, we can even arrange for the musicians to have advance rehearsal time so that they will feel comfortable in the space.

So whether you want to use Ustream or Livestream or Justin, or maybe EC2 – you will have an enjoyable experience here at a fantastic rate that will make your event a success.